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Highly expert team of engineers and designers focus on precision engineering products

The state-of-the-art facility at Visaga Tecno Systems has some of the best equipment in the industry and is capable of producing high quality products. The fabrication work is done keeping the specific evolving needs of the clients. Our core strength is our highly expert team of engineers and designers whose focus on precision engineering products and quality maintenance have helped the company achieve an enviable position in the market.

Laser Cutting

We have high precision laser cutting machine specialized in cutting industrial materials like stainless steel, GI sheet, Aluminum, Copper, CRCA, HR, and Brass in the various thickness to cut in desired design, excellent edge quality, consistency, accuracy and repeatability.

Press Brake

We offer precision sheet metal bending with CNC Hydraulic press brake AMADA from Japan. It leverages industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features that can be customized to resolve your specific challenges.


We offer clinching technique for point joining the sheet metals, used to alternative to spot welds, nut, screws etc. It is a simple process, fast, clean, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and repeatable process. It is an effective solution for metal joining.


We handle all type of welding includes, MIG welding, TIG, SPOT and STUD welding. It allows high speed welding on thin sheets. The strong wire-feeder has a rugged design to withstand usage in challenging industrial environments.

Spot welding

We have the fastest and cleanest Spot welding methods. Multiple metal sheets can be joined at the same time. No filler material is consumed. Its a low-cost process. Thinner metals can also be welded more efficiently.

Laser Marking

We have advanced laser engraving machine specifically for etching, marking, and engraving hard material with high speed, superior stability and low volume by automating the process through the use of computer software.

CNC Turning / DRO

We have advanced computer numerically controlled machines. They can have 2 axes, along with a multitude of machining capabilities, including threading, tapping, turning, facing, grooving, knurling with continuous operation.

Vertical Machine Center (VMC)

We have higher accuracy Vertical machine center. Simpler structure of VMCs makes its easy to clamp the workpiece in the necessary position. It can produce complex shapes and structures with high degree of accuracy & Customizable to your needs.

Powder Coating

We have efficient curing and drying Powder coating processes. Its long-lasting and durable, hard finish. Powder coating is easy to maintain, no special solvents or cleaners are required. Its also resistant to corrosion and damage.

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